If areas of tooth loss require bone replacement or augmentation, bone grafting can be considered. They are typically performed on the jaws and facial structures, including the jaw and facial skeleton. Other common procedures include a tooth extraction site graft, sinus lift, and bone graft reconstruction.

Bone shrinkage occurs when a tooth becomes lost from trauma, severe caries, and periodontal disease. In addition, bone loss may occur when infection or pathology affects a tooth. There are various artificial biocompatible bone substitutes available, but the best type for bone graft is your own bone. This will likely be extracted from your chin, the back of the lower jaw, or hip bone.

The bone is placed in the recipient site through drilling. It will be anchored into place using titanium screws. A mixture of bone marrow and other bone-graft material will be placed around the edges of the bone block. After a membrane is placed over the area, the incision is closed.

A bone graft site will require several months to heal before dental implants can be placed. During this time, the titanium screws will be removed to allow the implants to be applied.

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