Dental bridges fill multiple spaces left behind my missing teeth. The prosthetic tooth used for replacement is known as a pontic and is secured by dental crowns or abutments. This allows the pontic to be firmly held in place of the absent tooth.

Dental cement is used to attach prosthetic teeth and reduce the risk of bacteria growing between the synthetic material and gums.

Why do patients need a dental bridge?

People with missing or damaged teeth are most likely to have a need for dental bridges. Good candidates however, need to have strong teeth with effective bone support in order to hold the crowns firmly in place.

Additional benefits of bridges include:

• Maintains proper shape of face and improves appearance
• Restores proper bite and chewing functions
• Aesthetic improvements
• Reduces damage to teeth

The most common type are traditional fixed bridges. They are created from either ceramics or porcelain fused to metal. Two synthetic crowns are anchored onto adjacent teeth on either side of the pontic, allowing the dental bridgework to be held in place.

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